Highest Level of Security

FortressSecure Manager ensures safe, secure file transmission by encrypting data locally before it is transferred to the cloud, using a proprietary encryption algorithm that exceeds HIPAA & PCI DSS compliance requirements. Administrators can aggregate many cloud services and present them as one or more drives to users. Aggregated cloud services can be mirrored for high availability ensuring your data is always available no matter what the online status is of the cloud storage service. FortressSecure creates a secure access from any connection to the internet thus eliminating the need for cumbersome VPN software and VPN server management.

Secure Your Data Now

FortressSecure Mini Tower file server allows users to utilize any cloud storage for all their unstructured data storage requirements in the most secure schema available today.

FortressSecure enables SOHO, SMB and Enterprise users to utilize any cloud and local storage for all their unstructured data storage requirements in the most secure scheme available.

FortressSecure Manager and FortressSecure Client functions the same as a network drive. Simply login with the FortressSecure Agent and it mounts your FortressSecure Mini Tower or cloud storage as network attached storage drives.  All of your current desktop software functions as if the storage is local.  Administrators can aggregate many cloud services and present them as one or more drives to users.


Using a patent pending algorithm that harnesses content slicing and obfuscation, organizations that use FortressSecure are rendered compliant to all security mandates contained within PCI DSS / HIPAA / CASB1386 / GLBA and DoD5015.2 regulations.


The data corruption prevention core engine prevents accidental override and incidental data loss using distributed virtual file locks to actively and effectively ensure data integrity at all times.  Even offline operation once reconnected is automatically synced to the cloud using these principals. Differentiating file names and automatic versioning are utilized when necessary and no user action is required.


FortressSecure adapts to the way people are already working by using the native OS file structure to access content.  Data is stored on the chosen cloud transparently, which enables applications and programs to be in a cloud-ready state by virtue of the simple “save-as” clicks.

As FortressSecure can be installed via script and can import user profiles from the Active Directory there is zero learning curve for the end user.

All features are delivered seamlessly, with no user action required.


Data migration is made possible from one cloud provider to another with absolutely no interruption of the users’ workflow.  With the ability to tether unlimited cloud storage providers, FortressSecre can scale to suit the needs of any environment.


True cloud-file sharing becomes reality as FortressSecure tethers  cloud storage providers together to create a storage pool that scales to fit the needs of any Enterprise, SMB and SOHO environment.  These storage pools can be split up into one or many virtual drives and used directly through the native operating system of all major platforms.  Aggregate clouds can be configured for high performance or high-availability


FortressSecure is completely cloud agnostic, this allows for portions of storage from different clouds (Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, OpenStack, SFTP and others) to be concurrently mounted as one (or multiple) virtual drives.  

Access is unrestricted from any location on all Windows, iOS & Android platforms

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