System Integration Services

InSync Microproducts Systems Integration and Value-Added Services is a significant part of the InSync Microproducts value proposition. Traditionally when organizations choose to implement new technology there is a lot of time and effort involved from many business departments, not only the technical division, and it’s difficult to coordinate efforts. There are tangible time and cost associated, for example, with simply sourcing the needed parts in-house, which InSync Microproducts provides as a Value-Added Service. After parts are sourced, there is often disruption to the work environment to assemble the parts; configure systems and train employees on how to use the new systems. InSync Microproducts Value-Added Services can assemble, configure, test and certify the solution, removing what can be a painful and the expensive process from the customer. InSync Microproducts Value-Added Services can then package the entire solution for shipment and send it directly to the location(s) where the equipment is needed.

Professional Services

InSync Microproducts offers Basic, Advanced, and Custom Services. Ranging from motherboard population, system and device testing, all the way up to custom multi-system and custom solution integration.

  • RAID/cluster setup

  • Server/workstation configuration

  • SAN/NAS and expansion storage build

  • Custom hardware integration

From Basic Services using best practices for installation of operating systems, standard diagnostics, and/or custom functional testing BIOS and firmware updates, to Custom Orders & Advanced Services.

  • Using best practices for installation of operating systems

  • Standard diagnostics and/or custom functional testing

  • BIOS and firmware updates

  • Operating system installation (Microsoft, Linux, AIX, UNIX, QNX)

  • Custom image loads, VPN access

  • Application loading, configuration, and testing

  • Delivery and on-site hardware installation

  • Integrate hardware in existing environments

  • Software deployment/upgrades

o  OS Support

o  Antivirus implementation and protection

o  Cloud backup

o  Security

  • Perform Quality assurance testing

  • Provide user training

  • Customer specific bonded Inventory programs

o   InSync Microproducts or at Customer site

  • Customer site inventory consignment  programs

o   Customer site

  • Hardware extended warranty programs

Insync Microproducts systems integration can help enhance business process

and productivity. for more information, please email or 

contact us at 1-844-605-8196