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Intel Core ® ™ i7-4960X processor Extreme Edition (15M Cache

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Intel® High End Desktop Processors 3.6 GHz LGA 2011 PC 22 nm

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Overclocking DDR3 Memory

Learn how unlocked Intel® processors enable you to overclock DDR3 memory to perform beyond standards for the best gaming performance.

Overclocking Intel® Processors

Your Champions Online competition, or any other foe, won’t stand a chance against PCs powered with overclocking, available on select Intel® Core™ processors.

Intel® Solid-State Drives

Lose the lag. Lose the limits. Get significantly better overall system responsiveness and a greater edge when you level up to an Intel® Solid-State Drive.

Intel® HD Graphics

Intel® HD Graphics enables superior mainstream gaming and 3D experiences without the need for a discrete graphics card.

Download the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility

Unleash your performance with Intel’s latest Windows-based tool for overclocking unlocked Intel® Core™ processors. This easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to the features and settings needed to overclock your system to its maximum potential.